My name is Haoda Wang, and I'm an ongoing existential crisis! I think this is where I write about myself and try to impress you...?

Anyways, I've been toying around with web technologies, and so far I've created a bunch of nifty web apps with them. So far, I can create stuff using the MEAN stack, am proficient enough in C++, C#, and Java, and am really good at Linux and networking stuff. I can also kind of use Python (with a lot of Stack Overflow of course).

I also try to draw a bit, but the results usually end up a bit subpar.

Stuff I Like

Neural networks are pretty cool. I've spent a bit of time learning about those and can use Tensorflow now!

I'm in love with Linux. I've spent nearly two years learning about using Linux, and can pretty much set up Linux from scratch now.

I've done a whole lot in web application development, and I've learned to use MongoDB and Redis for databases, Python and NodeJS for backends, and Angular and React for the frontend.

Thinking up of algorithms to solve problems is fun. As long as there isn't a time limit.

Awards and stuff

  • MATHCOUNTS State 2nd Place Individual, State 1st Place Team
  • VEX Robotics State Tournament Winner
  • Philadelphia Classic 1st Place Team
  • State Math League 2nd Place Team