Hello! I’m a computer engineering student at USC with expertise in computer networking, software simulations, and the Linux kernel. I’m currently working on Mars 2020 at NASA-JPL. In the past, I’ve also worked in devops, web development, and high performance computing. Here’s my resume as well!

My expertise includes experience in C and C++, Python, Bash, Javascript, and Java. I’m also well-acquainted with python-flask and the SciPy stack, as well as the DPDK and SPDK kernel bypass libraries. Finally, I’m also well-versed with the Linux kernel and its API, and moderately familiar with most popular cloud providers.

Some of my public work includes:

Some of my better-recieved side projects include:

  • spet, a turing-complete programming language based on Spotify playlists
  • lastfm-analyzer, a collection of scripts to analyze your ast.fm account
  • dead-mans-switch, a proof-of-concept dead man’s switch

In my free time, I’m a longsword fencer, history enthusiast, and coffee fanatic.