Wayland is Nice

Meet the X Window System. It runs the backend of KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, i3, awesome, and a whole host of other window managers and desktop environments that make Linux nerds weirdly happy. There’s just one problem tho. It is old. And by old I mean ancient. It was born long before me, and includes weird things like xorg.conf files that make me want to stab my computer in frustration. It’s old, and it’s hard to use.

Now allow me to present Wayland, which is basically X11 but better. The configuration file looks like a .ini file, so it’s actually human readable and an extra tab won’t kill me. It already runs GNOME and KDE, and is just plain faster than Xorg. It’s got built-in screen recording capabilites, and works with basically all the currently extant libraries and Xorg apps. Here’s my experience switching from i3 to sway, a Wayland compositor that’s a clone of i3.

sudo pacman -S sway
mv ~/.config/i3 ~/.config/sway
# After running this,  restart your computer and select sway as your desktop environment.

That was basically it. Sway is i3, but running on something that’s actually younger than me. What’s not to love about that?